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There are plenty of fish in the sea and plenty of wicks in the world.
Everyone has a type. Do you know yours? Just looking for a change? Something new and different? The Plenty Of Wicks personality quiz will help you narrow down the perfect wick. Just answer a few quick questions and you'll find the wick that lights your fire.

Find Your Wick

Or maybe you already know what you like?

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Beard & flannel. Strong arms and broad shoulders. The Lumberjack will bring home the wood.

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He knows how to use his tools and isn’t afraid to get dirty. The Mechanic can get your motor running.

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It's 9-to-5 meetings, negotiations, and handshakes. The Businessman knows how to close the deal.

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He rushes into danger with his hose at the ready. The Fireman is able to handle the heat.

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Making sweet treats out of the basic ingredients. The Baker knows how to mix it up in the kitchen.

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He spends his days conquering the seas.
The Sailor knows the motion of the ocean.

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Appreciation for the natural beauty all around.
The Florist will bring out the best in you.

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Knowledgeable and sophisticated.
The Professor can teach you a thing or two.

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Strong hands, sweaty days and a lunch box.
The Carpenter can quickly erect the framework.

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Tight-shorted days in the sun protecting the shore.
The Lifeguard relies on his mouth-to-mouth skills.

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Stoic, steely and capable. The Pilot is your ticket to fresh air, blue skies, and the mile high club.

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Rugged and tough. At one with the land. The Cowboy can manhandle the cattle and tame a filly.

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